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KPM-Accelerate works with early stage start-ups and SMEs to accelerate their technology by providing them with a


for chemical 


As a program presented by Kingston Process Metallugy Inc., KPM-Accelerate’s mandate is to support chemical start-ups and accelerate their development on the road to the commercialization of their technology. Chemical-based companies face a monumental "death-valley" post-incubation, in-part because of the rapid need for infrastructure they need to build and expert level staff they need to hire quickly. KPM-Accelerate is the only accelerator that focuses on chemical processing and provides the infrastructure, flexible labour, deep process experience, and a long history to move incubated projects to the pilot stage.  This unique blend of support allows founders the opportunity to advance the business side of their company while the key development milestones are met by an integrated and experienced team that is dedicated to chemical processing.

Start-Up Acceleration

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Intake Process

KPM-Accelerate will work with start-ups on a project-by-project basis to help them scope out their scale-up and commercialization needs so that they can get the tailored support they need. 

The Pathways Program supports start-ups to reach their next step on their path to commercialization. We do this by providing the resources and direction required to overcome the valley of death and enter our Commercialize Program.

Main Services:

The Commercialize Program provides targeted technical support for chem-tech scale-up and commercialization. This program has three tracts that each provide stage-specific infrastructure and expertise to support start-ups along their technical commercialization pathway.

Program Tracts:





About how we help with...

Industry-Specific Resources

Our resources will address your business development questions and concerns with the perspective of chemical start-ups. Areas of support include:


R&D Accounting

Company Evaluation (DCF Modeling)

Unit Economics

Fundraising Landscape

Techno-Economic Review

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Business & Tech


White Paper Writing

IP Filing & Strategy

Branding & Sales


Case Study:

A perfect example of how KPM works with start-ups is Li-Cycle’s new commercial lithium-ion battery recycling facility, now operating in Kingston within three years of development and piloting with KPM. Through their own merit and the work they completed with KPM, they have become an industry leader in lithium-ion battery recycling. KPM-Accelerate was designed to replicate this process and streamline the integration of new companies.

Li-cycle Logo - Transpanrent Blue (ORIGI

(Winter 2021)
                         was acquired for 

$1.67 Billion

with commercial facilities accross North America

Li-cycle Logo - Transpanrent Blue (ORIGI

GreenCentre Canada, a chemistry and materials development centre, helped develop and optimize Li-Cycle’s process and supported KPM’s scale-up work.


While the Li-Cycle and KPM teams focused on the acceleration of Li-Cycle’s chemical technology, Li-Cycle fundraised based on the scoped pilot project and developed their supply chain to be ready for massive intake.

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KPM tested Li-Cycle’s flowsheet, soon defining the scope of the pilot project.  As Li-Cycle was developing their technical and engineering capabilities, we worked as one team to reach the set goals.


The project went from a process flow sheet to a full-size pilot facility that processed up to 365 tonnes of Li-ion batteries per year and demonstrated the efficacy of their technology to secure further investment and international clients.