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Mapping the Pathways to Commercialization


Program Overview

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The Pathways Program supports start-ups to reach their next step on their path to commercialization. We do this by providing the resources and direction required to overcome the valley of death and enter our Commercialize Program.

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The Pathways Program was designed so that start-ups can fundraise with clarity around their value and their unique development pathway so that they can easily communicate with investors and end-users. 

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Receive third-party validation of your technology and your business model through the completion of paper studies and end-user connections which will provide a clear picture of your value.


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Pathway Mapping

Based on the engineering and economic drivers of your technology we will scope and cost a project for the next phase of your technical scale-up to provide you with a clear ask and commercialization timeline for investors. This project can be completed in our Commercialize Program.

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Fundraising Support

Backed by the Chemical Angel Network and our own network of dedicated Angels and VCs, we will support your fundraising through connections to investors and the development of de-risking collateral. 


Complete technical scale-up in our...

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