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In 2008, a robust ecosystem to support new start-up was founded with Programs like Y-Combinator & TechStars. With Canada alone supporting over 150 major incubators and accelerators, one would assume that commercialization for all start-ups would be an easy path. For chemical deep-tech companies, this is rarely the case because the "app economy" mindset does not work for chemical start-ups.

Tech Commercialization

The high barriers to entry on chemical deep-tech companies, like CAPEX, infrastructure, and a highly skilled and expensive, rigid workforce make the successful growth of a chemical company in Canada extremely difficult. Chemical start-ups measure their product development pathways in years and their expenses in millions. 

Chemical Commercialization

We believe that chemical deep-tech companies bring some of the largest impacts on our world and will be a key in new clean-technologies that begin to company global problems. That is why we want to fill in our current ecosystem's gaps and provide unique support specifically to deep-tech chemical start-ups. The support will include on-site infrastructure, a flexible, and experienced workforce, and fundraising preparation support that is specific to chemical start-ups.



Research Lab

"Rocket  Design Facility"

Develops fundamental chemistry and proof of concept for years before spinning off a company.



"Building Rocket and LaunchPad"

Refine chemistry, develops a business plan and establish IP.


Commercialization HUB

"Space Travel"

Piloting and demonstrating the commercial potential of the technology.



"Settle Mars"

Releases the product into the real market and is now generating revenues.



Chemistry is defined.

Rapidly scale up all technological aspects and provide a stable base for fundraising