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Kingston Process Metallurgy (KPM) was founded in 2002, in Kingston, ON., to help established companies work on process development or improvements.  In the past almost 20 years, we have worked on a vast range of projects, and have established a number of operating practices, such as integrated techno-economics with lab work. Our experience and diverse research & design teams have made us experts in the fields of chemical process engineering, molten salt electrochemistry, hydro/pyro-metallurgy, and chemistry-based business commercialization. 


We have a history of meeting start-ups that need technical help outside of the founding member's expertise to advance their projects. Though, the need for funding, business direction, market penetration, and large-scale processing has often become a large roadblock in these start-ups journey. As the 'start-up world' was formally established around the 2008-2012 app economy, the resources available have not always been helpful to chemical deep-tech start-up founders with their unique and specific needs. 

This clear gap in support has led us to establish a division at KPM with a mandate to help start-up companies accelerate their projects with a unique model of technical and infrastructural support to minimize the time and cost of developing projects; KPM-Accelerate. Created by three technical founders that have been through all the stages of chemical commercialization many times over and have raised over $100 M over their combined careers, KPM-A is designed to help other founders avoid the pitfalls the creators have faced and overcome in their journeys.  There a many advantages to this model, including flexible labour, significant infrastructure, the ability to onboard the right staff at the right time, and providing some third party credibility to the work. 

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KPM-A was made for tech founders by tech founders to provide unique perspectives on commonly discussed ideas and industry-specific infrastructure that will make you scale-up ready in a fraction of the time and price that it would take to independently set up.

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