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Company Announcement

We are proud to welcome KakaPore, KPM-Accelerate’s first international client to the Pathways Program! We have been working with KakaPore to assess different market opportunities for their novel metal-organic-framework (MOF) in the carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) space.

About KakaPore – how it started

Founded in 2022, KakaPore is a spinout company from Massey Ventures, the technology transfer office (TTO) of New Zealand-based Massey University. KakaPore has exclusive access to the IP rights for a novel MOF named Massey University Framework 16 or MUF-16. MOFs are a class of porous materials that have a variety of applications, especially in gas storage, purification, and separation.

Image: MUF-16

MUF-16 arose out of fundamental research into new MOFs and their gas adsorption performance by co-inventors Prof. Shane Telfer and Ph.D. student Omid Taheri. While studying and testing various new materials, it became apparent that MUF-16 had characteristics that made it particularly well suited to capturing CO2 from mixed gas streams.

Seeing potential commercial applications for their new material in CCUS, they moved to patent their research in 2019 with the support of Massey Ventures, the university’s TTO which provides services to help researchers commercialize their work.

Along their path to commercialization, KakaPore has been supported by grants from Massey Ventures, the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, and KiwiNet—a nationwide network of research organizations.

They have used that non-dilutive funding for lab-scale tests, patent applications, manufacturing scale-up, and other key milestones.

About the Team – what lies ahead

The company is led by co-inventor and CEO Shane Telfer, Professor of Chemistry at Massey University, with technical support from full-time R&D Scientist and postdoctoral researcher Subo Lee, Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Over the next year, the team is focusing on confirming KakaPore’s manufacturing partners, gaining clarity around their commercial opportunities and economics, testing their material in simulated gas streams, designing a pilot plant, and developing partnerships with potential end-users who are looking for CCUS solutions to their emissions challenges.

As Kakapore works to de-risk their technology over the coming year, the team will be looking to add a part-time Commercial Manager in 2023 to aid with business development and capital funding.

It is always a pleasure to work with start-ups who are looking to build a more sustainable future and we hope to see Shane and the team reach their milestones!

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