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Chem-Tech Founder Reading List

The value of an entrepreneur comes from knowledge. Here is our must read list of resources for chem-tech companies from books, blogs, and podcasts!

1.The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz

If you are looking to build an organization or enterprise instead of just a start-up, this is the book for you. Ben Horowitz, founder of loud-cloud and the VC firm Anderson-Horowitz, shares his story and the major tips of how to set up the foundation of your company infrastructure and culture in order to sustainably scale.

2. Math & Magic - Bob Pittman

This is a look under the hood of the analytical and creative sides of marketing; the math and magic! Bob Pittman, CEO of iHeart Radio, talks with some of biggest people in marketing and media to share ideas and strategies for small, medium and large companies.

Math & Magic with Bob Pittman

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3. The Startup Owner's Manual - Steve Blank & Bob Dorf

This is the manual outlines the step-by-step process that all start-ups need to follow before they hit an incubator. Any founder must read this in their first 3-months of business to build your foundations.

4.The Social Network

The story of a cultural revolution through the growth of a start-up is perfectly seen in The Social Network. A favourite movie of the KPM-Accelerate team to remind us what it feels like to create disruptive technologies.

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