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A Year in Review: KPM-Accelerate

Why KPM-Accelerate?

KPM-A was launched as a division of Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc.'s (KPM) to support the start-up clients that the industry had previously been underserving. This program was modelled on the steps used to support Li-Cycle and DeepGreen in the development and pilot who were then acquired for a combined ~$ 4B in SPAC mergers. Our principal, Dr. Boyd Davis, comments on the impact of KPM-Accelerate on KPM.

"KPM-A has added a whole new dimension to KPM’s offerings and Sebastian and his team have done an amazing job in the first year. Not only do we get to work with many young founders and help them on their path to commercialization, but we can contribute to a wide range of very interesting projects. These groundbreaking processes are the fuel for KPM’s engine and our employees are excited by the opportunity to encounter many more unique start-ups in the coming years."

Our Top Achievements

During our first year of operations, KPM-Accelerate (KPM-A) has worked hard to establish our operations and offerings. Throughout this process, we have achieved many milestones, our top achievements are:

1. Developed KPM-A’s strategic plan and business operations infrastructure as a strong foundation to build on as we scale our capacity in line with our long-term vision.

Our vision is to see KPM-Accelerate become the primary supporters of commercialization for advanced material and chemistry companies in North America.

2. Optimized our start-up offerings by developing two distinct programs, the Pathways Program and the Commercialize Program, each with a distinct focus to better meet our clients’ specific needs at different stages.

3. Coached 100+ start-ups and engaged 10+ clients as part of our programs, including Micellotech, Spectra Plasmonics, & FireRein. These start-ups are working on a wide range of technologies and all of them have already benefited from KPM-Accelerate’s support as Morgan Lehtinen describes:

"Prior to working with KPM-A, our vision for Micellotech was clear but we were lost on how to navigate many of the commercialization hurdles. In the six short months since joining the program, we have seen Micellotech transform from an idea, based on a novel bench-scale technology from my Ph.D., to a fundraising ready company with an end goal application, commercialization plan and the network to make it happen. Micellotech would not be where we are without KPM-A - they are the missing link in chemical technology commercialization"

4. Developed a deep network of 25+ supporting programs, 55+ feeder incubation programs, and 5+ close collaborators including Foresight Canada, GreenCentre Canada, Centre for Social Innovation, the Chemical Angel Network and SKYMAX.


What Does KPM-Accelerate Offer?

KPM-A has organized services into two distinct programs, the Pathways Program and the Commercialize Program. This gives both start-ups and staff members a clearer set of goals and outcomes to work towards at each stage of a start-up's development.

The Pathways Program supports start-ups to reach their next step on their path to commercialization. We do this by providing the resources and direction required to overcome the valley of death and enter our Commercialize Program. Whereas the Commercialize Program provides targeted technical support for chem-tech scale-up and commercialization. This program has three tracts that provide stage-specific infrastructure and expertise to support start-ups along their technical commercialization pathway.

Together, the two programs provide start-ups with the business feasibility and technical validation they require from a third party to de-risk the process of scaling their technology and complete due diligence for current and potential investors.



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